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BIDEA LLC is an NSF SBIR Phase I start-up company founded in May 19, 2016 by four scientists. BIDEA LLC also has the support of Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust by matching the SBIR funds with $100K and an additional $80K grant from the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company. 

At BIDEA LLC, our aim is to develop an effective point-of-care (POC) In-vitro Diagnostic Device (IVDD) for the early detection of endometrial cancer. This test will not only impact the quality of live of patients, but can also reduce costs to hospitals, health insurances companies and government agencies. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), cancer cost the U.S. an estimated $219 billion, including $130 billion for lost productivity and $89 billion in direct medical costs, as reported in 2007. The proposed screening technology by BIDEA LLC is expected to help gynecologists in hospitals and in private practices provide a complete diagnosis in less time, reducing the number of visits and endometrial cancer incidence through early detection, especially in women over the age of 50.


Our proposed unlabeled, real-time cancer diagnostic device will contribute to new scientific findings and engineering aspects in bio-sensing technologies. The resulting apparatus will also provide a non-invasive, fast and accurate method to detect cancer for preclinical diagnosis. In addition, the research based on this technology will improve a range of equivalent studies that use similar systems and biological indicators.


Improve the quality of live of women patients by providing an innovative and affordable solution for the early detection of endometrial cancer.


Develop an innovative Endometrial Cancer Monitoring System (ECMS) to provide doctors and women immediate screening for the early detection of endometrial cancer.

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