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Endometrial Cancer Monitoring System 

an In-vitro Diagnostic Device

Screening is important at every age. Asymptomatic patients are more common than expected. Detect and combat before is too late.

Impact and Innovation

Currently, endometrium cancer diagnostic tests are performed after the patient presents symptoms. The only way to get a diagnosis is through a biopsy analysis performed by a pathologist. Our technology is a HUGE STEP TOWARDS EARLY CANCER DETECTION, providing a fast, flexible and easy-to-use test that will aid the gynecologist/pathologist in the diagnosis process, with an estimated time of analysis of less than 10 minutes.

Advantages of BIDEA, LLC technology:

Fast response

High precision measurements

Continuos results

Low detection limit

Cancer and Telomerase

Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for the maintenance of telomere length and its activity has been related to the processes of cellular immortalization. Telomerase levels are practically undetectable in healthy tissue, in contrast, higher levels has been associated with cancer as widely reported by the scientific community, making it a suitable biomarker. The measurement of telomerase activity can be used for screening, early detection, prognosis and/or monitoring tumor progression, cancer and residual cancer.

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Our Technology

Our generation 1 Endometrial Cancer Monitoring System (ECMS) prototype aims to develop a point-of-care device for the sensitive, real-time detection of telomerase as endometrial cancer biomarker. The proposed technology is based on the detection of the biomarker in cancerous cells by monitoring the in-situ elongation process of an immobilized, label-free single stranded DNA probe. Telomerase presence will be detected by measuring sensitive electrochemical events occurring at the surface of the In-vitro Diagnostic Device (IVDD). When present, the interaction between the biomarker and the ECMS sensor generates a change in current that is readily measured. Our device resembles a portable glucose sensor in size and ease of handling. 

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